Young Love: Hollywood Stars Who Married Their High School or College Sweethearts

Finding love as an A-lister isn’t always an easy task, but these celebrities were way ahead of the curve. Childhood romances rarely turn into the real thing, but on rare occasions the bond two people have can see them all the way through dizzying rises to fame and beyond. Even if they end up parting ways after a few years, it’s still an accomplishment. 

Some fans may not realize that their favorite stars have been happily coupled off since before they were old enough to drive. From meeting at under-21 clubs to college keggers and chance encounters at football games, these love stories will have you weak at the knees.

Met in: High school
Combined Net Worth: $485 million*
Status: Married

LeBron James & Savannah Brinson @LaGossiPeuZe /

Basketball star LeBron James has game on and off the court. He first met his wife when they were both teenagers in high school, but it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. The two attended rival schools, so there was a little bit of a Romeo and Juliet situation. Savannah was a cheerleader and softball player when the future NBA star asked her out on a date. 

The pair bonded over dinner at Outback Steakhouse and have been inseparable ever since. Despite being head over heels in love, Savannah and LeBron held off tying the knot until 2013. They have three children together and live in a multi-million-dollar mansion in Ohio.

Met in: An 18-and-under club
Combined Net Worth: $23 million*
Status: Split

Paula Patton & Robin Thicke ©JStone /©JStone 

Musician Robin Thicke may have come across as a ladies man thanks to his 2013 song “Blurred Lines” but the reality was a little different. The singer met his first wife Paula Patton at a dance club in Hollywood when they were just 15. “I knew she was special the night I met her,” Thicke later admitted. 

They stuck together as they navigated their careers in the business, tying the knot in 2005 after 15 years together. Sadly, it wouldn’t last. Patton and Thicke would go through a bitter and highly-publicized custody battle when they split in 2015.

Met in: Elementary school
Combined Net Worth: $90 million*
Status: Married

Mariano Rivera & Clara Rivera @noticias7d /

Baseball star Mariano Rivera has struck out a few times in the field, but his love life has been solid gold since day one. Rivera met his wife Clara in elementary school. While they were just friends initially, they later began to date. 

The couple went on to marry in 1991 and continued to live in Panama up until 2000 when they moved to New York. Mariano and Clara share three sons together, but the road hasn’t always been smooth. Clara stood by her husband when he was sued for non-payment of child support in 2019 by a former flame. 

Met in: High school
Combined Net Worth: $115 million*
Status: Split

Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem Wilson@Doncannon /

Seattle Seahawks’ golden boy Russell Wilson only had eyes for one girl growing up. Ashton Meen was the lucky lady that captured Wilson’s heart when they met by chance at a game in Collegiate School. Russell was already a big fish in a small pond by that point. 

The two tied the knot in 2012 but the marriage would be short-lived, resulting in a split two years later. Russell went on to marry R&B songstress Ciara in 2015 and welcomed two children, a boy and a girl shortly after. Ashton now lives in Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina. 

Met in: High school
Combined Net Worth: $135 million*
Status: Married

Snoop Dogg & Shante Taylor ©Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro /

Staying in a committed couple when your every move is dissected by the media is no easy task. However, Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante have managed to beat the odds for over two decades, through thick and thin. Snoop and Shante met in high school and stayed together through Snoop’s meteoric rise to fame. 

In 2004 after seven years of marriage Snoop filed for divorce, but they managed to work out their differences and instead renewed their vows in 2008. Shante and the music mogul have three children together: sons Corde and Cordell, and youngest daughter Cori. Snoop also has a son from a short-lived relationship with Laurie Holmond that was born in 2008.

Met in: High school
Combined Net Worth: $410 million*
Status: Married

Jon Bon Jovi & Dorothea Hurley 1994 @BONJOVIALWAYSINMYHEART /

Jon Bon Jovi was one of the most lusted-after stars of the 1980s, but fans were kissing their posters in vain. Jovi was already taken. He first met his future wife Dorothea Hurley when they both attended Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey, but the brunette beauty was dating Jon’s friend at the time. 

The pair wed in 1989 while on tour, taking a quick trip to Vegas to get hitched. The singer has credited his wife with many things over the course of their 30-year relationship. “I was in a dark place, but she saved me,” he told a journalist in 2018. 

Met in: Through a mutual friend
Combined Net Worth: $120 million*
Status: Married

LL Cool J & Simone Smith @WendyWilliams /

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2012, LL Cool J let the world know that his love story was noteworthy. “I was just 19, something like that,” he told the host. “It was Easter and I was driving down the block in my mother’s car.” The hip-hop star spotted a friend, who offered to introduce him to his cousin. 

LL was about to drive on when he spotted Simone in the background and swiftly changed his mind. The happy couple said “I do” in 1995 and now have four children together. Simone can often be spotted supporting her husband at events, but she is an accomplished jewelry designer herself.