These Hollywood Elite Have Surprising Celebrity Connections

The wonderful world of celebrity is often spread out for all of us to see. From tabloid headlines to blockbuster movies, we often see more of A-listers’ faces than we do of our own siblings, but did you know that some of them have some very intriguing connections? 

From unlikely friendships to secret brothers and confusing name changes, the intricate web of famous entanglements reaches further than you might think. Some met while working with charities, while others met the day they were born! Bette Midler has a very une

Relationship: High school friends
Nicole’s Net Worth: $120 million*
Naomi’s Net Worth: $30 million*

Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts @just_about_tv /

Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman have more in common than being A-list actresses. The pair go way back, sharing the same humble roots. Nicole was originally born in Hawaii, but her family picked up and moved to Australia before she was even in kindergarten. 

Kidman enrolled in North Sydney Girls High School when she was a teen, where she met fellow student Naomi Watts. According to sources, the actresses have been tight ever since. The besties often meet up for special occasions, including Naomi’s 50th birthday in 2018.

Relationship: Father and daughter
Ron’s Net Worth: $160 million*
Bryce’s Net Worth: $15 million*

Ron Howard and Bryce Dallas Howard @MoonOverManhatn /

Ron Howard may have risen to fame for his acting talents, but his legacy will be cemented by his incredible directing endeavours. Now 65 years old, Howard has made a killing from his work behind the camera, including Apollo 13 and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Family dinner never lacks conversation either as his daughter is Bryce Dallas Howard. A successful actress in her own right, Bryce has starred in several movies over the course of her career. Many fans don’t realize that the redhead is even related to the Happy Days alum, let alone his daughter.

Relationship: Mother and daughter
Melanie’s Net Worth: $40 million*
Dakota’s Net Worth: $14 million*

Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson ©Debby Wong /

Dakota Johnson has been acting since she was just a kid, but her big break came when she was cast as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Gray franchise. Suddenly, everyone wanted to know everything about the brunette actress. 

Johnson is the daughter of actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, so she grew up knowing a lot about the entertainment business. The mother-daughter duo attended the 2015 Oscars together, but don’t ask Griffith if she’s seen 50 Shades. “I don’t need to see that to know how good she is,” the showbiz veteran told ABC reporter Lara Spencer. 

Relationship: First cousins
Tom’s Net Worth: $570 million*
William’s Net Worth: $82 million*

Tom Cruise ©BAKOUNINE / | William Mapother @guill_creative /

Tom Cruise is one of the most famous names in Hollywood thanks to his work on and off the screen. When he’s not making headlines for his personal life, he’s taking interviews for his next big release. Little do fans know that he’s got a first cousin who is no stranger to the business. 

William Mapother is best known for his work on the uber-popular TV series Lost, but he’s also first cousins with Tom. The two have worked on several projects together which must make their parents proud. Will and Tom both starred in Mission: Impossible II, Minority Report, Vanilla Sky, and Magnolia

Relationship: Aunt and niece
Julia’s Net Worth: $200 million*
Emma’s Net Worth: $15 million*

Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts ©Featureflash Photo Agency /

Over the past few years, Emma Roberts has been on the rise. The star has been acting since she was a child, but thanks to prominent roles in the anthology series American Horror Story, she’s now a household name – but she isn’t the first one in her family to make it to the top. 

Emma’s aunt is none other than Hollywood royalty Julia Roberts. The Scream Queens actress has spoken about her visits to movie sets that Julia was working on when she was a kid. “You would have to drag me away from the set,” she told Queen Latifah in 2014.

Relationship: Cousins
Al’s Net Worth: $60 million*
Lenny’s Net Worth: $50 million*

Al Roker ©Kathy Hutchins | Lenny Kravitz ©s_bukley /

If you want to know if it’s going to rain tomorrow, the man to ask is Al Roker, NBC’s weather anchor. The New York native isn’t just the authority on clouds and sunshine, he’s a well-respected TV personality worth $60 million. You might have heard of his cousin, too…

Roker and Lenny Kravitz may share the same gene pool, but they look like polar opposites. Kravitz is one of the most famous rockers in the world. Lenny’s mother is Roxie Roker of The Jeffersons fame and also first cousins with Al. That makes the weatherman Lenny’s first cousin once removed.