The Wait Is Over: New Release Dates For Delayed Films Of 2020

When the latest installment in the James Bond franchise was called off early in 2020, people were shocked. COVID-19 had become such a problem worldwide, Hollywood decided to cancel some of its biggest releases, scheduling them for later dates. Well, the wait is over!

Since the curve is steadily flattening, studios have reshuffled release dates through the rest of 2020 and into 2021. So, unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait for some of the highly-anticipated films a bit longer. But at least they’re ready to come to theaters when the time is right! Take out your calendar; It’s time to mark the new release dates of these motion pictures.

In typical Christopher Nolan fashion, not much is known about the film TENET. But we will tell you what we know so far. The film stars Robert Pattinson and John David Washington, and there is a secret agent who is tasked with traveling between timelines to stop World War III from happening.


Nolan thought of the idea for over twenty years, so there is no way he’s going to ruin any huge plot points now! If you’re interested in the mysterious movie TENET, then mark your calendar for July 31, 2020, its new release date.

When it was announced the release of Black Widow was going to be delayed due to the coronavirus, MCU fans were not thrilled, to say the least. Finally, Natasha Romanoff was getting a solo movie, and right after the events of Captain America: Civil War, too boot! Thankfully, the wait is almost over.

And on November 6, 2020, we’re finally going to see into Natasha’s past life in Russia, and how she was groomed by the KGB to be the ultimate spy. Of course, it’s Black Widow, so there are bound to be countless intense action scenes.

Get ready to cry with Soul, the newest Pixar film. Honestly, we’re kind of glad this one was delayed; it gave us more time to emotionally prepare for what is probably going to be a tear-inducing story. Speaking of, the film follows Joe, a jazz teacher who has a horrible accident, leading his soul to detach from his body.

Now, he’s in another realm, working alongside other souls preparing their personalities for life on Earth. But Joe has a body, and needs to get back to is pronto. Watch what happens to Joe on November 20, 2020.

Wonder Woman is back, but this time it’s 1984 and during the Cold War. And, instead of fighting some god of war, Diana Prince is fighting two foes, a friend-turned-enemy Barbra Minerva and businessman Maxwell Lord.

Oh, and somehow her love interest from the first movie, Steve Trevor, comes back to life. We’re not entirely sure how that plays out. So we’re very excited to see Wonder Woman 1984 when it’s released to theaters on October 2, 2020.

From the creative mind of Jordan, Peele comes his chilling take on Candyman. In a Chicago neighborhood, there is an old ghost tale about a man with a hook for a hand that goes around murdering the town residents. And if you say his name five times in the mirror, he is bound to appear behind you.

If you’re interested in following Anthony McCoy as he explores the urban legend via his art, then you’re going to want to keep the lights turned on and all of the mirrors covered. The new release date for the film is September 25, 2020.

By this point, we’re curious if The New Mutants is just haunted or so cursed we’ll never see it in theaters. The film was made in 2017 and has had four releases scheduled, all of which fell through. Finally, we might have the pleasure of seeing the R-rated X-Men film on August 28, 2020.

The film follows five young mutants, all of whom just discovered they have fantastical powers while being held at a top-secret facility. Of course, they’re all there against their will and must fight their way to the exit and freedom, saving themselves from any further experiments.