The Story Behind Tiger Woods’ Marriage To Elin Nordegren

The Wife Of A Famous Athlete

Elin Nordegren had a successful modeling career in Sweden earlier in life, but it was her marriage to Tiger Woods that made her an international celebrity. Though the couple intrigued the public from the start, the peak of their attention came during their scandalous divorce.

As women started accusing the famous tennis player of having affairs with them, Elin rose to fame as the wife Tiger Woods betrayed. Rumors about Tiger seemed to overshadow Elin’s side of the story.

A Photographer Discovered Her In Sweden


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Elin was born in 1980 mere minutes before her twin sister, Josefin. While growing up with her twin and older brother in Stockholm, Sweden, Elin emerged as an athlete herself. She played soccer and kept up her grades.

Around the turn of the millennia, a photographer named Bingo Rimer discovered Elin. Due to their collaborations, Elin was soon a sought-after model. She sported swimsuits for prominent Swedish magazines but ultimately felt that her calling was in child psychology.

Struggling To Make Her Way Through College


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Elin struggled to put herself through college while working. She left the life of modeling behind and picked up some odd jobs that were a better fit for her schedule. While working at a store in Stockholm, a woman walked in who would change her life forever.

The patron turned out to be the wife of famous tennis player Jesper Parnevik. As they got to talking, it came out that she needed a nanny. Since Elin was an aspiring child psychologist, it seemed like the perfect fit.

Starting A New Life In The United States


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The one condition regarding the nanny job was that Elin would need to move to the United States. The young lady decided to take a leap of faith and leave her home country to start a new life in the US.

Elin left everything behind, including her college, family, friends, and even her boyfriend. Her relationship came to an end just in time, for it wouldn’t be long before Elin was introduced to Tiger Woods.

Coming up, you won’t believe what Tiger did for their wedding.

She Wasn’t Interested At First


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While Elin worked for famous tennis player Jesper Parnevik, she was introduced to Tiger Woods. The athlete was smitten with Elin from the start, but she resisted his advances at first.

Elin was hesitant to date a celebrity because of all the public and media attention that would follow. Had she known how things would turn out, perhaps she would have stuck to her instincts. Ultimately, Tiger won her over and the pair became engaged after two years of dating.

He Threw Her A Multi-Million Dollar Wedding


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When it comes to lavish weddings, Tiger knows how to go above and beyond. The festivities were a week-long and took place in Barbados. The golf star rented out an entire hotel to accommodate their guests.

To top it off, he flew in 500 roses! It was also imperative to the couple that security was top-notch. To this day, virtually no photos of the event have been released to the public. Even guests had to mind the newlyweds’ privacy concerns.