The Best Cage Matches In Wrestling History

One of the all-time most exciting events in professional wrestling is the cage match. The cage match involves wrestlers doing battle in an enclosed cage, and the wrestler who escapes over the top of the cage is the winner. These matches never fail to draw in the crowd in the WWE, WCW, TNA, ROH, or other promotions.

Over the years, some of our favorite wrestlers have gone head-to-head in the cage. Without further ado, here are the most memorable cage matches in the history of wrestling – along with who came out on top. 

Event: Summerslam 1994
Date: August 29, 1994
Winner: Brett Hart 
Bret Hart’s Net Worth: $14 million*
Owen Hart’s Net Worth: $14 million*


This unforgettably showdown was the highlight of SummerSlam 1994, and it pitted brother against brother in the first main event. Hitman Hart and Owen Hart faced off in a steel cage mage. Bret emerged as the winner of the match, getting a leg-up on his brother after doing a DDT move on him. 

Both brothers continuously tried to escape the cage, but neither were successful. The match came to a thrilling conclusion after Bret threw Owen back down into the cage and Owen’s leg got caught between the bars, giving Bret just enough time to scramble over the top and win the title.

Event: Event: In Your House 2
Date: February 18, 1996
Winner: Bret Hart 
Bret Hart Net Worth: $14 million*
Diesel Net Worth: $8 million*


In Your House 6 was the sixth PPV event in the “In Your House Series,” hosted by the WWF. The main event, a Steel Cage Match, took place between Bret Hart and Diesel. Hart, at the time, was the WWF Heavyweight Champion. His opponent, Diesel, was challenging him for the title.

The challenge would turn out to be unsuccessful. Hart had already beaten Diesel once in 1995, and Hart was a fan favorite, as Diesel was turning out to become somewhat of a heel character. Hart got a boost from The Undertaker, who attacked Diesel during the match and gave Hart the time he needed to surmount the cage.

Event: Monday Night Raw 
Date: June 11, 2001 
Winner: Chris Benoit  
Kurt Angle Net Worth: $25 million*
Chris Benoit Net Worth: $500,000*


Chris Benoit is known for his gruesome matches, and his fight against Kurt Angle is no different. Angle and Benoit fought at a RAW Steel Cage Match in 2001. The two were nonstop action from the beginning, with Angle catapulting Benoit into the wall as soon as they entered the ring. 

Angle tried his signature move, the Angle Slam, before attempting to ascend the cage for the first time. Instead of going over the top, Angle turned around and tried to moonsault Benoit, which didn’t work. Benoit ended up flattening Angle with a headbutt and scrambling over the top, winning the match.

Event: Summerslam 1990 
Date: August 27, 1990 
Winner: The Ultimate Warrior 
The Ultimate Warrior Net Worth: $1.5 million*
Rick Rude Net Worth: $1 million*


SummerSlam 1990 was one of the most exciting events in pro wrestling that year. The PPV event went down in Philly at The Spectrum, and Rick Rude and The Ultimate Warrior headlined the two main events. The Ultimate Warrior had an advantage over Rick Rude from the beginning, though Rude almost escaped when Warrior dropped a splash attempt.

However, Warrior yanked him back down and the two both tried to perform their finishing moves on one another, to no avail. Bobby Heenan, Rick Rude’s manager, tried to pull him out of the cage, but Warrior yanked him back. Warrior hit Rude with a press drop and escaped the cage

Event: No Way Out 2001 
Date: February 25, 2001 
Winner: Triple H 
Triple H Net Worth: $40 million*
Steve Austin Net Worth: $45 million*


The battle between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H actually took place before the main event, which was between The Rock and Kurt Angle. Triple H and Austin battled in a two-out-of-three falls match. The steel cage match was the final fall for the pair. Austin started strong when he attempted to perform his signature move: a Stone Cold Stunner.

But then Triple H countered the Stunner with a Pedigree, and Austin couldn’t take him down. The two went back and forth until Triple H whacked Austin with a 2×4 covered in barbed wire. Triple H pinned him and won the overall match, 2:1.

Event: Survivor Series 2001 
Date: November 18, 2001 
Winner: The Dudley Boyz 
The Dudley Boyz Net Worth: $3 million*
The Hardy Boyz Net Worth: $8 million*


The main event of the Survivor Series in 2001 (before the Series had to change its name as a result of a World Wildlife Fund lawsuit against the company) was between Team WWF and The Alliance. However, before that, there was an exciting match between The Dudley Boyz and The Hardy Boyz.

The Dudley Boyz (consisting of D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley) faced off against Matt and Jeff Hardy. The steel cage match kicked off when wrestler Stacy Keibler tried to sneak the Dudley Boyz a cage key. The Hardy Boyz were enraged, and the match went on for some time before D-Von pinned Jeff Hardy

Event: SmackDown 2009 
Date: August 25, 2009 
Winner: CM Punk 
CM Punk Net Worth: $8 million*
Jeff Hardy Net Worth: $4 million*


CM Punk had been absent from the WWE for two months before reappearing to compete in the cage match that Bleacher Report called “electrifying.” Punk faced Jeff Hardy, who was the polar opposite of him when it came to in-ring personality. Punk and Hardy had a long storyline rivalry, and Punk actually attacked Hardy before he made it into the ring.

Punk smacked Hardy’s head into a steel beam and tried to ride this advantage early, failing several times to escape the steel cage. Hardy was the crowd favorite, but he, sadly, didn’t win. CM Punk mockingly waved goodbye to him while holding the Heavyweight belt.