Stars Who Became Grandparents At An Early Age

Becoming a grandparent is something most of us look forward to – but ideally, not until the time is right. Over the past few decades, more and more couples have been waiting until their mid-30s or early 40s to have children. As a result, more and more of us are becoming grandparents at a much later age – though that’s not necessarily a hard-and-fast rule.

These famous grandmas and grandpas not only started having kids early, so did their kids – making them some of Hollywood’s youngest grandparents, some as young as 40! Read on to see which Hollywood stars became grandparents at surprisingly young ages.

Became a grandparent at: 47
Best known for: Starring in Dumb & Dumber, Ace Ventura
Net worth: $146 million*

Imagine having a grandpa that can put on a thousand different voices. That’s got to make for an interesting Sunday dinner, right? Jim Carrey became a grandfather in 2010 at the age of 47 when his daughter Jane welcomed a son, Jackson Riley. 

Carrey was so elated that he took to Twitter to share the news. “Jackson Riley Santana, my grandson, born today. This is what 7Ibs 11oz of California dynomite looks like!” said the actor, sharing a picture of the newborn tot. He had previously admitted he was glad it was a boy, because he “never got on with girls.”  Little baby Jackson is now ten years old.


Became a grandparent at: 50
Best known for: Starring in Con Air
Net worth: $20 million*


Nicolas Cage has been one of the most famous people in Hollywood for decades. Although the popularity of his movies isn’t always a sure bet, he’s still a pretty cool grandpa to have. He became a pop-pop when his younger son welcomed a child of his own in 2014. Two years later in 2016, Weston and his wife Danielle announced the arrival of a baby girl. 

“To have created this beautiful person with the woman I love and to see our first son being a natural older brother is something my heart will forever stay ablaze in euphoria for,” said Weston after sharing some sweet snaps of his two kids. 

Became a grandparent at: 34
Best known for: Starring in Ghost, Sister Act
Net worth: $45 million*


Whoopi Goldberg might only be 64, but she’s more than just a grandma: she’s a great-grandma, too. The actress and comedian has one daughter, Alex, who was born in 1973. In turn, Alex gave birth to a daughter when she was just 16 years old, making Whoopi a grandmother at 34. 

Alex’s daughter, Amarah Skye, welcomed a daughter of her own in 2014, making Goldberg a great-grandmother. Whoopi shared pictures herself cradling the new addition on her Instagram page, alongside the caption, “Yeah I’m a tad awkward, it took me a minute. Been a LONG time! #thankGodfornewlife!” Goldberg was 58 at the time. 

Became a grandparent at: 54
Best known for: Starring in Taxi and Who’s the Boss?
Net worth: $32 million*


For Tony Danza, becoming a grandparent at 54 was a truly transformational, emotional experience. “It’s very profound to watch your son father his sons,” he admitted. “Especially when he’s so much better at it than you are. It’s really scary!”

Tony became a grandpappy for the first time thanks to his son Marc. The actor hasn’t wasted any time in imparting some wisdom, encouraging Marc not to make the same mistakes he did. “I said to him, ‘You know what the difference is between you and me as a father? See how you take your kids to play baseball? I used to take you to watch me play baseball.’”

Became a grandparent at: 43
Best known for: Singer
Net worth: $64 million*


Even rockers can be grandpas. Kid Rock has a slew of hits to his name, but the most important experience on his resume came when he became a grandparent in 2014 at the age of 43. His son, Bobby Ritchie Jr, welcomed a child with his girlfriend, Kelley South Russell. 

The musician has always been a fierce protector of his son, even admitting that parenthood impacted his marriage. He told Howard Stern, “The relationship started to affect my son. When it started to affect my son, I was like, ‘I’m out.’ It took me a minute, but thank God I did.” 

Became a grandparent at: 52
Best known for: Starring in Mrs. Doubtfire
Net worth: $44 million*


Sally Field has a few mischievous grandkids running around now, but it was her son Peter Craig that kicked everything off. He welcomed a daughter, Isabel, back in 1998, making the actress a grandma for the first time. Sally prides herself on being fun for her family.

One of Field’s friends spoke to Closer Weekly to give the world an insight on what she’s like as a grandmother. “She loves having so many grandchildren. She’s fun and goofy with them.” As for Sally, she’s gone on record to say that her family is what she lives for: “I’m not married. I’m not the kind of person that has a separate life from them. That’s my family. That’s my everything.”