Diva Power Ranking: The Top Women in Wrestling

Women’s professional wrestling has been around for much less time than you may think. The sport’s main contemporary professional organization in America, called Women of Wrestling, was only founded in 2000, with several other spinoffs that soon followed. Of all the countries that are known for women’s wrestling, Japan has been the furthest ahead of the curve.

That’s because Japanese pro women’s wrestling has been around since the 1960s, and they were the first to inspire the trend that would sweep the globe. Professional female wrestlers have proven that they’re just as hardcore as the men, and sometimes they bring even more advanced storylines and theatrical antics in the ring.

Country of Origin: USA
Years Active: 2001-Present
Net Worth: $2.5 million*


Beth Phoenix, whose real name is Elizabeth Kocianski, began her amateur wrestling career while she was still in high school. She had her professional debut in May of 2001, where she wrestled for a variety of indie organizations. She worked for Ohio Valley Wrestling before suffering a broken jaw that took her out of commission.

However, she wasn’t down for long. Her condition required several surgeries, but she was back in action and signing a new contract shortly thereafter. Phoenix (who has also gone by the names “Fabulous Firebird” and “Firebird”) has developed a Glamazon personality that lets her dominate other wrestlers.

Country of Origin: Canada
Years Active: 2002-Present
Net Worth: $5 million*


Sarita is the ring name of professional wrestler “Dark Angel,” AKA Sarah Stock. Sarita was born in Canada, and she started her career there, working in various indie promotional organizations and facing both male and female wrestlers. When she moved to Mexico, she fought in la lucha libre, taking on the name Dark Angel.

She took on the name Sarita when she started wrestling in America with TNA. She was a two-time Knockout Tag Team champ, holding that particular title with Rosita and Taylor Wilde. Sarita now is signed to the WWE, and she works primarily as a women’s trainer.

Country of Origin: USA
Years Active: 1999-Present
Net Worth: $5 million*


Wrestler Mickie James was born in Virginia in 1979, and she had her debut in wrestling when she was twenty. James worked as a valet on the indie circuit, working under the name Alexis Lee. While there, she found her skills weren’t quite where she wanted them to be, so she trained in camp after camp until she was unstoppable.

After training, she joined the TNA in 2002, and she gained national fame for her skills. She joined the stable known as The Gathering, and she has won title after title with TNA. She left TNA in 2010 and signed with WWE SmackDown.

Country of Origin: USA
Years Active: 1975-1994
Net Worth: $150,000*


Leilani Kai went right into wrestling after she graduated high school, and she was trained by the notorious Fabulous Moolah before making her 1975 debut. Born Patty Seymour, Kai joined the WWF (now the WWE) and was part of its Rock ‘N Wrestling Connection, which is a fan-favorite storyline combining music and wrestling.

It was there that she defeated Wendi Richter in 2000. She took the Women’s Champion Title, and she held onto it until WrestleMania. She formed the tag team called The Glamour Girls with Judy Martin to retake her title. She has always wrestled for WCW briefly under the name “Stonegrinder.”

Country of Origin: USA
Years Active: 2001-2012
Net Worth: $300,000*


Sara del Rey is a retired professional wrestler who now works as a producer and trainer for the WWE. Del Rey has appeared for various indie promotions as a mainstay for Shimmer and Chikara, but she is best-known for her work with the WWE. She also had a brief cameo appearing in la lucha libre circuit in Mexico.

Del Rey was the first double champion of the Shimmer promotion, and she was the fourth woman to ever make it onto the Pro Wrestling Illustrated list of the world’s top 500 wrestlers. She produces NXT now in her retirement, a new direction for the WWE.

Country of Origin: USA
Years Active: 2007
Net Worth: $41 million*


Luna Vachon had a wrestling career that lasted decades. Luna was part of the Vachon wrestling family, and her family actually tried to dissuade her from the sport at first, as the life of a wrestler would be too hard for a woman (or so they said).

Luna didn’t listen, and she turned to her Aunt Vivian for training. Her aunt trained her, followed by The Fabulous Moolah. She wrestled for the WWF, ECW, AWA, and WCW. In 2019, she was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Country of Origin: Japan
Years Active: 1985-2002
Net Worth: $5 million*


Born Hisaka Uno, Akira Hokuto is a native of Saitama, Japan. The Japanese professional wrestler debuted in 1984 after she was trained in an AJW dojo during high school. Word of her skills spread, and she was already getting a reputation for intense fighting capabilities when she stepped into the ring at age eighteen.

She won the Rookie of the Year for AJA, as well as Match of the Year. She gained a reputation for toughness after she broke her neck in a fight and still kept wrestling for two more rounds, using her hands to hold her head in place.

Country of Origin: Japan
Years Active: 1998-2017
Net Worth: $1 million*


Mariko Morita had a career in wrestling that stretched from 1988 until 2017. She wrestled under the name Mariko Yoshida, and she worked for AJW before wrestling with ARSION. She was the head trainer at ARSION as well. During her career, Yoshida was known for her high-flying, acrobatic skills.

She was also known for two signature finishing moves, which she invented. Yoshida invited the back-to-belly, over-the-shoulder piledriver, which she nicknamed the “Air Raid Crash.” She also invented a headscissors shoulder lock. That move, Yoshida nicknamed “Spider Twist.” She began wearing costumes emblazoned with red and black spiders as a nod to that move.