Cool Living Room Decor: Celebrity Edition

Celebrities bring us a lot of great inspiration, whether it’s fashion, makeup, or hairstyles, they always seem to be in the know when it comes to style. Thankfully, those styles translate over to their homes! It’s time to add a few living room decor ideas to your Pinterest board with these cool celebrity living rooms.

This list will feature the vampire-esk aesthetic of Ms. Angelina Jolie, to the beach escape that is Matthew Perry’s Malibu mansion, and then back to Gerard Butlers open-layout New York City Loft. Keep scrolling; these living rooms are bound to get you rearranging and re-decorating.

Reese Witherspoon let her southern roots show in the design of her Ojai, California ranch house. The actress certainly was feeling a western-vibe when choosing the decor for the room. Everything from the exposed ceiling beams to the matching banister of the loft and the burnt-orange leather chairs and turquoise accent lamps screams country girl.

Reese Witherspoon

The beautifully designed living room has a few quirky elements to it, too. Take the hidden book nook underneath the staircase, for example. We can imagine Witherspoon sitting there after a long day with a cup of coffee gazing out the tiny window to wind down.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s Bel-Air house has a living room that is nothing short of extravagant. Not only does she have a grand piano sitting in the corner, but there’s also an upper-level library that branches off from the main room.

With garden views and high-ceilings letting in natural light through various skylights, it’s safe to say this is an artist’s sanctuary. Tack on the warm feeling of all of the wood, furniture, and art pieces adorning the walls, and J-Lo has one cool living room space to sit back and relax in with her family.

Angelina Jolie

To say we’re surprised by Angelina Jolie’s choice of decor would be a lie. Granted, the actress and her kids are renting the Hidden Hills space from Denise Richards for $30,000 a month, so the design might not be her doing.

Nevertheless, the dramatic decor and black and red color palette remind us of Jolie when she was dating Billy Bob Thorton in the early 2000s. The vampire-esk living room weirdly works though, with the bold furniture choices and medieval feel. We’d be curious to know what Jolie’s kids think about the space.

Emily Ratajkowski

American actress turned model Emily Ratajkowski took her creativity and displayed it for everyone who walks into her Los Angeles residence to see. The model took advantage of her white walls, adorning them with a stunning collection of vivid artwork that perfectly matches the bold patterns of the two carpets she haphazardly threw under the furniture.

Speaking of, whoever thought a bright red chair would pair so nicely with a jade couch and interesting coffee table? Whatever Ratajkowski’s thought process was while decorating her living room, all of the crazy colors actually work.

Gwen Stefani

The electric decor of Gwen Stafani’s living room is exactly the style we’d expect from the “Sweet Escape” singer. Featuring a floor to ceiling black and white marble fireplace, a huge window offering amazing views, and funky abstract seating options, and it’s safe to say Stefani put her quirky personality into the decor.

Not to mention the black, white, and pink color scheme has us reminiscing on her days wearing punk-inspired outfits while singing in No Doubt. We can just picture her standing on that neon pink couch singing “I’m Just a Girl” on the top of her lungs while Blake Shelton plays guitar.

Gigi Hadid

Model Gig Hadid’s old Manhattan apartment living room looks like it came straight out of Town & Country magazine, right down to the black and white photos hanging on the wall. Although the one-bedroom apartment is on the smaller side (it’s NYC, after all), the wall of windows gives the space a breath of fresh air, making it look very open.

We also appreciate her all-white aesthetic with muted colors here and there, including the sand-stone inspired pillows and carpet. Of course, this New York transplant’s pad wouldn’t be complete without a few succulents on the coffee table, a clue to her California roots.

Heidi Klum

Let’s start by saying Heidi Klum’s living room looks better suited for a mansion during Napoleon’s time in France. Ironically, that’s exactly where she found the magnificent bookcases that line the walls of the room, one of Napoleon’s homes! We don’t even want to think about how much it cost the model to have them shipped to Los Angeles.

The classically styled room is then topped off with two couches facing one another. Interestingly, the leather couch and burgundy couch don’t look misplaced sitting in the same room, only emphasizing the warm tones Klum was undoubtedly striving for her living room.