Are These Rich Celebrities Ever Coming Out of Retirement?

Being a famous celebrity is sometimes not all it’s cracked up to be, and retirement often comes as a relief even to the most popular celebs. Famous actors like Daniel Day Lewis and Gene Hackman have decided to take a step back from acting and focus on just enjoying their families, and of course, their fortunes.

On the other hand, actors like Joe Pesci and Jessica Alba retire and then make a comeback, as they can’t stay away from the business they love. On this list, you’ll find the richest “retired” celebs, as well as their opinion of whether they are planning to stay retired or to make a comeback in the near future.

Age: 62 
Net worth: $50 Million*
Most famous for: Lincoln 
Retirement Status: Active retirement 


Daniel Day Lewis is one of the most critically-acclaimed contemporary actors. The British actor has won three Oscars, and, through his agent, he announced that he was planning to retire from acting. His last film was Phantom Thread, which was fitting, as it reunited him with director Paul Thomas Anderson, who directed the movie There Will Be Blood.

His agent stated that he was “immensely grateful” to his fans. In an interview with NME, Day-Lewis was a little less sunny about his reasoning behind the decision, claiming that his last film “engulfed” him in depression. This made him realize it was time to hang it up.

Age: 89 
Net worth: $80 Million*
Most famous for: The French Connection 
Retirement Status: Active retirement 


Gene Hackman has won two Oscars, a SAG Award, two BAFTAs, and four Golden Globes. He has retired twice, and only on the second go-round did the retirement stick. He first retired from acting in 2004, after starting out in showbusiness in 1956 after he got out of the military.

Hackman made a comeback in 2016 and 2017. Hackman, who is worth $80 million from both his acting and novelist career, didn’t give a reason for his retirement. It was likely because of his age, as he will turn ninety at the end of January 2020 (on January 30). 

Age: 54 
Net worth: $35 Million*
Most famous for: Being the Spokeswoman for Estee Lauder
Retirement Status: Returning 


At age 54, Liz Hurley is still an absolute smokeshow. The model was one of the most famous supermodels in the world, and the contract she inked with cosmetics giant Estee Lauder made her millions. Hurley’s first modeling job came from Estee Lauder, and she’s stuck by them ever since she was 29.

Hurley is still modeling and acting, and her most recent project is The Royals, which released its last episode in 2018. She also had a big guest cameo on The Runaways in 2019, a Marvel series, where she played the dangerous witch, Morgan le Fay. 

Age: 69 
Net worth: $140 Million*
Most famous for: CaddyshackGhostbusters 
Retirement Status: Predicted comeback 


Bill Murray is famous for his roles in movies like CaddyshackGhostbusters, and What About Bob. The comedian got his start on SNL, and he has been making us laugh for decades since. His response when asked about retirement was classic Bill Murray, and he said jokingly that he has retired “several times.”

Murray said he isn’t averse to picking up new projects, but he has slowed down since his back-to-back comedy days. Murray said that he only says he’s retired to keep a “certain type of person” away from him—meaning someone just interested in being around him because he’s famous.

Age: 82 
Net worth: $400 Million*
Most famous for: The Shining 
Retirement Status: Returning 


Who can forget the very-terrifying “Heeeeeeere’s Johnny!” line from The Shining, where Jack Nicholson bursts through the (surprisingly flimsy) wooden door with an axe, Nicholson has been scaring us and making us laugh for decades, and he is a talented actor with a wide range of abilities.

Nicholson retired from Hollywood, but only for a brief hiatus. Memory loss and good old aging kept him out of the spotlight in later years, but he made a comeback to the screen for a remake of the German movie Toni Erdmann. Variety got the scoop in 2017 and Nicholson’s return delighted fans.